Cari McCann Duigou


Cari Duigou

After experiencing ETC’s inaugural performance, Doubt, Cari McCann Duigou was hooked. Equally drawn in by the after-show discussion with director and cast, she, her husband and eight close friends rejoined at a Mystic wine bar to further ponder Doubt’s images and themes. “It was such a lively discussion; I didn’t want the night to end,” Cari recalled. “It made me think, ‘Wow, this is what the arts can do. Affect you afterwards and provide a spring board to other difficult topics.’”

Promoting art with a social message was a perfect fit for Cari, so she began helping ETC as a volunteer then as Board Secretary. From recording minutes and handing out programs, to contributing ideas and gathering more volunteers (her husband and son included), Cari is devoted to ETC’s mission and success.

Cari is Head Preschool Teacher at the Kinder-RHAM-a Preschool Program in Hebron and is Director, Colchester Day Camp. She has an Associate’s Degree from Three Rivers Community College, is pursuing her bachelor’s degree from University of Connecticut in Multiculturalism and Diversity, and supports St. Andrews Church in Colchester’s youth and women’s groups.