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Ensemble Actor Casting

Actor #3—WALTER, WALLSTREET BANKER, SEATTLE TRUCKER, MR. GORDON, BLACK BOY, POOPIE and JAMES (Someone who can play ages ranging from early 50's to 12-15-years-old)

Actor #4 – REVEREND LOVEJOY, GRANDDADDY, UNCLE CHESTER, POOPIE’S DAD, ANIKA’S DAD and POLICE OFFICER (Someone who can play ages ranging from early 50's to 70's.)



WALTER—African-American male, early-fifties. YOUNG VICTOR/ VICTOR’S adopted father. Chronic illness/ cough, suffers from lung cancer (smoking). Drags an oxygen tank and often wears a breathing tube. Generally depressed, but spirits and emotions rise at times. We meet him as a young dad, but we mostly see WALTER as a sick, troubled man. Guilt eats at him as he is not the father he wants to be, but ultimately, he is not VICTOR’s pushover.

WALLSTREET BANKER—African-American male, early fifties. Clip-on tie. New Yorker persona, quick-tongued, aloof, somewhat abrasive. Lives in VICTOR’s subconscious as a possible birth-father. No interaction with characters, but he speaks to VICTOR's subconscious.

SEATTLE TRUCKER—African-American male, early fifties, baseball cap worn backwards. A limp in left leg, a weak left arm. Sits in chair as if driving a truck. Likeable, Northwest-accent, Seeks approval. Like BANKER, TRUCKER lives in VICTOR’S subconscious as a possible birth-father. No interaction with characters, speaks to VICTOR's subconscious.

MR. GORDON—White male, late fifties, but played by same actor that plays TRUCKER/BANKER. Brown Fedora, blue blazer, glazed red tie, newspaper. Aloof.

BLACK BOY—African-American male, 12-15. Hoodlum, mean, hateful. Enjoys bullying YOUNG VICTOR, but a coward at heart.

POOPIE—African-American male, 12-15. Headbands, wrist bands, shoestring necklace with whistle, NBA jersey. Likeable, comic, body never still. Car salesman meets clown. Friend that YOUNG VICTOR runs with when he visits WALTER in nearby Eden.

JAME —African-American male, late forties/early fifties. VICTOR’s irresponsible, crazed step-dad. Diabolical, hyena laughter. Wears a “do-rag” on his head, wife beater t-shirt, white long johns. 


REV. LOVEJOY—African-American male, sixties. Black/ royal purple robe and cross necklace. Likeable, charismatic, animated, lyrical.

GRANDDADDY—African-American male, late sixties/early seventies. VICTOR’s paternal grandfather. Overalls and a John Deere hat. Likeable, confident, determined and wise. Blue-blooded farmer, but history-minded. 

UNCLE CHESTER—African-American male, sixties. VICTOR’S maternal uncle. Broken English, likeable, jovial, sits on upside down bucket, fly swat always in hand.

POOPIE’S DAD (bit)—POOPIE’S father (one line, off stage).

ANIKA’S DAD (bit)—ANIKA’S father (one line, off stage).

POLICE OFFICER (bit)—African-American male, forties (non-speaking)