If you love theater and want to help make ETC’s shows come alive, welcome aboard! There’s a bounty of activities to try and even specialize in—and each is critical to our success.

As you meet and team up with fantastic people, you can help:

Volunteers gain our deepest gratitude. People like you make ETC shine and we couldn’t do it without you.

Ready to join our corps of intrepid volunteers? Excellent! Simply call 860-705-9711, or:

Volunteer Requirements

Do you like trying new things? Are you flexible, positive and respectful, and appreciate the importance of being on time? We thought so! Folks here at ETC wear many hats and have a super strong work ethic. We love having likeminded people like you join our team and who want to have fun too.

To make your time volunteering with ETC rewarding and workable, please: